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More about me

One of my highest values is life long learning and as such I am constantly engaged in my own learning and extension. 

I'm an accredited Aware Parenting instructor with the Aware Parenting Institute and have hundreds of hours coaching experience, certified through the ICF.. 

I hold a bachelors degree in Youth Studies and spent well over a decade working directly with young people in a range of settings from prisons to playgrounds.

I hold diplomas in Social Science (Justice), Community Development and Addiction Studies and have further certifications in Narrative Therapy, Wilderness Therapy and Business Management. 

I am also a qualified yoga/meditation teacher (YTT 500 hrs).

Given my background, when I became a parent myself I could see all the ways I fell short of what I sensed was possible and what I knew was necessary to raise a human in today's complex and fast changing world.

I could see all the subtle ways in which we, as a society, undermine children's growth and thus our collective potential.

 could see the tendencies I had to revert to familiar patterns when under the stress and stain thats inherent to the early years of parenting and for many persists beyond. 

Now, I am here to help you meet your child where they are, discover their developmental needs and help them heal from the accumulated stress and trauma that is holding them back from being kind, cooperative and connected. 

Together, we'll look at the ways you can apply the proven strategies that motivate and inspire your kids to become the fullest expression of who they came here to be.

Parenting is a long game. It's not one we were meant to undertake alone, so having a guide is vital if we wish to equip our children for the challenges they are facing both now, and in the coming years.


Summary of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the education of gifted and talented students (2012) "There are up to 85,000 gifted students in the Victorian schools. At present these kids are neglected by a system that largely assumes that all students learn at the same rate and in the same way. The evidence presented to this Inquiry paints a highly unsatisfactory picture of students whose significant potential to excel is often not even identified let alone nurtured. These students are frequently frustrated and disengaged. And rightfully so: they are being let down by the education system. These neglected students represent our state's future visionaries and innovators. We owe it to our society as well as to ourselves to give these students the most challenging and stimulating education possible.... " --Chair's foreword, p. xxi.

Teresa and Alex, Canada

"Our experience with Devon has been nothing short of transformative. Her guidance has helped our gifted child thrive."
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