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We specialise in supporting parents of gifted children to navigate the unique joys and challenges of raising extraordinary kids

I'm Devon Harris

Parenting coach, consultant and mum

I am on a mission to elevate children of all ages by disrupting parenting-as-usual conventional wisdom.


Using the key tenets and guiding principles of Aware Parenting, our coaching packages help parents experience the pure joy that comes from allowing kids to flourish into the best humans possible.

You can expect;

  • Personalised coaching tailored to the needs of gifted children

  • Strategies for advocating for your child in educational settings

  • Support for emotional and social development

Together, we'll approach your greatest challenges with curiosity and creativity and uncover the real drivers behind your child's behaviour. You'll be fully supported to take action that brings forth mutual respect and cooperation without needing to resort to punishments, threats or bribes, even if you have in the past.

This unique application of the Aware Parenting approach is renowned for developing future-conscious leaders and transforming more than a few adults along the way. 


What We offer

Effective Parenting Strategies

Support with Behavioral Challenges

Personalized Coaching Sessions

Helpful Resources and Tools

Community Support

Father and Son Playing

Take the next step towards

improving your family's life

"Devon lives and breathes the philosophies of conscious parenting. As well as holding such divine wisdom in her words and ability to hold space, she has such a wonderful playful side that can make anyone feel at ease " 

Lael Stone, Educator and author, Melbourne

"I always love the clarity with which you explain what is happening when we respond to our beautiful children.


You are such a gift to transforming connection with our children"


Megan Clinton, parent and

therapist, Melbourne

Working with Devon has transformed our whole lives, not just the way we parent.

Her insights and strategies are invaluable and I highly recommend working with her.

Louise B, parent and engineer, Brisbane

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